It seems like I have always had a camera in my hand. I used to snap shots all the time when I was younger with my little Kodak Instamatic. In those days it was so exciting to walk to the 24 hour photo booth by the grocery store and be able to pick my pictures up the next day. That was a big deal, I could hardly believe it! In high school, I spent as much time as I could taking and developing all my own pictures. I was shooting with a Pentax K1000 then. It was a work horse not to mention ALL manual!

I am lucky enough to live in and to have gone to College in Rochester, New York, home of Eastman Kodak and the George Eastman House. While in college I did an internship in the darkroom at the Eastman House. It was exciting. That was in the 80's, prior to the renovations and revitalization of the House.

My summers during high school and college were spent at a local camp for individuals with developmental disablities documenting the activities, capturing the fun. I did that for 6 summers and loved it! My end of the year slide show was always a hit. I began college as a fine arts major with a concentration in photography. Somewhere along the line, the dean called me into her office to have a talk about where I thought I was going with photography. She really felt I should consider working with individuals with disablities as I had excelled in that area. I went to a private Catholic College and the dean was a nun, Sr. Stella. I grew up Catholic and as a good Catholic school girl, you always listen to the nuns, she convinced me to change my major to Special Education. While I never put down my camera, I really did well working with individuals and families with disablities, not to mention I love it.

Shortly after I graduated from College, a friend asked me to shoot her wedding. I did, had fun and the photo's came out great. Through word of mouth, I started shooting weddings, parties and events. When a bride would call me and ask me to shoot her wedding, I'd explain if she wanted to have a lots of formal wedding pictures with crazy special effects, I was not her photographer. If she wanted someone who would catch the fun, document the little moments and have pictures to help remember the day, then I was her girl!

When digital was first introduced to the world, I fought it.... did not want it~ absolutely not~ no way! Then my husband gave me a Canon 20D (I'm a Canon Girl) and forget about it! I was hooked! I could shoot and see the results immediately.... incredible, to think when at 13years old, I was blown away I could see the pictures the next day. The possiblities with the 20D were crazy!

I love meeting people,  I love weddings, families and pets (particularly pooches!).  Today I shoot with Canon 5D Mark iii's.  I love natural light, and getting the picture right the first time, in the camera. It's a habit I developed when I first started taking pictures! I love taking pictures of people enjoying life. I try to be a stealth shooter when no one even realizes I am there. There is nothing more fun than catching a great moment that went flying by, only to bring a smile to their face when they see the picture and remember the moment.

I don't think I will ever put my camera down. I hope I have the opportunity to capture some great moments for you.